God says, “Move!”

September 6, 2008

Small town America. 5:02 p.m. Crosswalk.

Present: older church-goers, two priests, long line of cars, one loud-mouth SUV driving, possibly inebriated woman and her not-embarrassed in any sense of the word lover.

Loud-mouth, SUV driving, possibly inebriated woman becomes very, very, angry that her trajectory is being thwarted by the kind, God-praising older folks, crossing the street, in gaggles. But, the greatest piece of this puzzle is that she does not know the reason for her trajectory being thwarted. This is where her not-embarassed in any sense of the word lover says to her, “Honey it’s the church people.”

Loud-mouth, SUV driving, possibly inebriated woman thinks this is funny. So funny that she decides to honk at the church-goers, and say very loudly, “God says, ‘Move!’” Move…f*in’ move already. This ensued for the next…I don’t know….THIRTY SECONDS she spent waiting in a long line of cars. Maybe she should have been around the time the 30+ cargo train got stuck on the tracks, on the street, literally cutting the town in half. She would have been really, really angry then. I wonder what she would have said to the train. Before it ran over her.

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