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August 4, 2008

I receive this email from a good friend that I have not seen in far too long, inviting me to post on here. I did the livejournal thing when it was “in” (is it still?) and then I stepped away from it when life got busy and I wanted to interact with real live people. But…this seemed interesting and I thought I would give it a whirl. It was by invite only and how often do I get exclusively invited to something? not…very…often. So here goes nothing, and here’s to hoping that those of you who will be reading this are not too bored and check back often. i’ll try and keep it interesting. or, just REAL.

As of right now, my point of view will be, what better else, but personal. I am a reflecter, a thinker (sometimes way too much) and love observing people and their lives around them. I am more of a watcher than a participant (who isn’t these days, anyway).

let’s start with the facts. i’ll reveal just one, to keep you guessing. my parents always told me not to reveal everything about me all at once because then the mystery is gone. it has worked in the past, so, i will keep it up. i’ll definitely start more general than specific because that is always more fun.

fact # 1: i am trying to cut back on my addiction to the soda.

reading has been an important part of my life for awhile, and obviously, I do not read as often as I want to/should, but I want to try and keep you up to date on what I am reading now and maybe even write a review or two. i love recommending books to friends and I hope it is helpful.

what I am currently reading: Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. I am about 3/4 of the way through so I should be finishing up soon. Great book for summer, takes place in Philadelphia, and makes me laugh at how complicated, scary, funny, and lovely marriage and being a parent can be. i have read Good in Bed and Goodnight Nobody by Weiner previously and I find her writing style to be comforting and fast paced.

The final part of all my posts will include a quotation. I find a lot of power in quotations, and sometimes a great lesson. They inspire me. I try to collect them for such a time as this. I hope you can find some inspiration and positive thoughts, especially on a day when it is hard enough to get out of bed.

“I asked for wisdom…And God gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity…And God gave me brains and the strength to work. I asked for courage…And God gave me danger to overcome. I asked for love…And God gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors…And God gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted. I received everything I needed. My Prayer has been answered.”Anon., (of Islamic Origin)

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