Today’s Good News: Planet Swallowing Black Holes …

August 24, 2008

This from Gail Collinslatest Op-Ed in The New York Times:

“The vast majority of the scientific community believes that the Large Hadron will not lead to the destruction of all life as we know it. Or at least as Greg Landsberg, a physicist from Brown University, was quoted as saying, the chances are “totally minuscule.”

To explain, “[t]he Large Hadron, you may remember, is the 17-mile-long particle accelerator being built near Geneva. Once it’s up and running, its designers believe it will take particle physics research to a whole new level. Its critics think it may create a black hole that will swallow up the universe. This is what is known as a wide range of possibilities.”

I’ve been trying to stay as positive as possible lately. So, a few points:

(1) If the universe was, in fact, swallowed in a black hole, I could quit looking for a job and start livin’ !

(2) If the universe was so swallowed, we’d probably never even know it’d happened at all

(3) If the universe ceased to exist, it’d sort of render moot our whole discussion on genital shaving

(4) On the bad side of things, it’d mean that I for sure would never get to see Khaled in concert

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