Sic on Me

August 24, 2008

By the way,

yes, I am aware that I’m not supposed to put quotation marks around text that has been offset with smaller margins. I know this, but I choose to take risks and disregard the rules. I am a risktaker.

I’m also aware that you might argue that risktaker is actually two words. It’s not. It’s one. Who is my source? I am. It’s one.

Finally, I know that I was technically incorrect where I wrote “[t]o explain,” at the beginning of the second paragraph in quotation marks. That should have not been offset with the rest of the text. I know this. But like I said, I’m a risktaker today. I’m taking risks and being bold and living dangerously.

It also should be noted that in the last sentence that I wrote, I should not have said “and” twice. I know this, but I chose to disregard the rules for stylistic effect.

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