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August 6, 2008

i’ve recently heard that kitchen gadgets are a must for city-dwelling, young professionals.

Fondue pots, sushi serving dishes, spice racks…these are all strange, new toys for a Jewish girl whose favorite food is takeout.

But, hey, who doesn’t like a new gadget fad?

(If you own this, this, or this any of these, you like new gadget fads).

On Sunday, I made my way over to a local store dedicated to making cooking FUN!

Fine, I didn’t go to the local store. I’ll wait to visit those once I know the difference between the quality of food cooked in a pan made of infused-anodized aluminum versus a pan made with a heat-responsive aluminum core covered in stainless steel. I went to the store in the mall.

Let me just say, I was like a kid in a candy store. When looking at the display of food processors, I pressed every button. I tried on oven mitts and examined the ice cream makers and bread makers. I wanted the potato slicer, the deep fryer, and the huge lobster steamer (also known as a pot with a picture of a lobster on the side).

Let me also say, it was well worth the trip.

I’m on a budget but I had to buy something! I settled on this.

Best. $10. Spent. In 2008.

For the past three mornings, I’ve jumped out of bed ready to start my day. (Those who know me understand that this is quite an impressive feat.)

I leave my travel press at work (…along with a bag of pike place roast, half & half, and my Batman mug…). It’s like I have tunnel vision – get me to the office, stat!

I’m not quite sure if it’s the fun of pushing down the press (i get excited when working with tools), saving money on daily trips to Starbucks, or the pretense that I’m “cooking” but talk about carrot-and-stick motivation.

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