August 7, 2008
It is almost the weekend and thank God for that. The summer has been incredibly rainy, dreary, and briefly filled with a few scattered tornadoes (which is not normal for my part of the country and I have been told by the lovely media that it will be studied for years to come.)
Are any of you fans of the lovely Project Runway? Can you not get enough of Heidi Klum’s irresistible accent, or any of the contestants’ terrible taste in fashion? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next cat fight amongst the designers? Well, I have become a true fan of the show and cannot wait for it to air every week. It is not as much fun with so many designers still in the running, but I have definitely picked my top ones that I think will go all the way. Let’s try…my top 2?
My number one pick is Kenley. She has a great sense of style, and appears to be really detail oriented, and I just love her personality. She has started to get on the nerves of the other designers because of her incessant laughing, and true it does get a bit annoying, but there are definitely more annoying things going on at Parsons. Number two would be Terri. On the last challenge, she made an entire outfit (not just one dress thrown onto the models) but pants and a shirt and jacket in about 12 hours. Although the shirt on the last challenge was way too tight. She has not won any challenge yet, but she is definitely the dark horse of the bunch.
Now who do I hate? That is so easy!! Blayne & Stella of course! The former is addicted to tanning and is trying desperately to be like last season’s winner, Christian (who was awesome and pulled off the annoying, young, crazy designer). Christian’s word was “Fierce!” which worked, but stupid Blayne is trying to incorporate “licious” to the end of all words and it is so not working. Please. Stop trying. And Stella, well her voice just makes me want to pull my hair out and her love of “leatha” is getting old…and we have only had 4 challenges. Both of them need to go, preferably at the same time. Now.
Fact # 2: I am a “new” resident to New England. (and it was explained to me, this morning, on Good Morning America, that New England does in fact include Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In case I did not know…or anyone else in the country for that matter.) But which state do I live in? Well that will have to wait until next time.
Think about it: “Creating a family in this turbulent world is an act of faith, a wager that against all odds there will be a future, that love can last, that the heart can triumph against all adversities and even against the grinding wheel of time.” Dean Koontz, From the Corner of His Eye
This quotation is so true, considering the fact that I feel like recently, I have been surrounded by long term relationships that are falling apart, or have ended, or are going through a really hard time. Oh…and it does not help to have co-workers telling me to either never get married or don’t get married until I am 30, which is apparently the magic number to know exactly what I want. Let me try to not be cynical 24/7. Thanks.
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3 Responses to “ Drip…drop…drat. ”

  1. Melissa on August 7, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    …completely agree with you about Blayne.

  2. bucky katz on August 7, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    thank you! every challenge i think he will get kicked off but somehow he just sneaks by. probably to make me keep watching until he gets kicked off. damn marketing!

  3. RustedJesus on August 7, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    I’m 1.5 years away from 30 and I’m further away from knowing what I want than ever before. Ha! I can’t wait for the surprise.

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